Combining pea protein, soybean powder, isolated soy protein and other valuable ingredients. The high protein formulation controls hunger and curbs cravings while providing essential amino acids to keep body strong and healthy. It allows the body to absorb more nutrients from food, boosts immune system and energy levels. NUREOX Protein ProMix also helps muscle and strength building while preventing muscle loss during the dieting process.

A meal replacement beverage with delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours packed full of nutritional goodness!

Maintain balanced diet

Weight management under right nutrition


Support lean muscle tone & healthy metabolism

Great tasting meal replacement beverage

Key Ingredients

  • A blend of high protein to help maintain optimum weight through providing satiety while decreasing calories intake.
  • The formulation helps increase muscle mass, build and repair body tissues as well.
  • The essential source for growth and physical development.
  • As a form of natural dietary fibre, Konjac promotes the sensation of satiety which in turn helps reduce appetite and Ghrelin levels.

*Ghrelin, a hunger hormone that stimulates the brain to deliver the feeling of hunger. When our body feels hungry, it will decrease the metabolic rate and body’s ability to burn fat.

  • A source of milk that balances blood sugar levels.
  • It also helps to replenish Leptin, resulting in increased alertness and concentration while enhancing emotions.
  • Colostrum is beneficial to body building, digestion, muscle toning, aids recovery from injuries, sports performance, endurance and weight loss

*Leptin, a polypeptide hormone which inhibits food intake and stimulation of energy expenditure. As a neurotransmitter, it helps to accelerate the delivery of full stomach signals to avoid overeating.


Vanilla Flavour - Isolated Soy Protein, Amino Complex, Pea Protein, Soybean Powder, Maltodextrine, Colustrum, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, Aswaganda Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Vit B6, Vit B3, Konjac, Arabic Gum, MCT, Vanilla Encapsulate, Fructose, Sucralose, TCP

How to consume

  • As a meal replacement drink, mix 25g of NUREOX Protein ProMix with 200ml of water (room temperature or cold water), stir well and serve.
  • Have a glass of smoothies with NUREOX Protein ProMix and your favourite fruits to stay cool in hot weather.
  • Prepare as a milkshake by blending it with milk or yoghurt.
  • Mix a glass of NUREOX Protein ProMix with cereals for a high protein breakfast

Suitable for

Recommended for 12 years old and above, especially for whom:-

  1. Wants to increase satiety and reduce calories intake
  2. Looking for a tasty meal replacement product
  3. Weight management through nutritional drinks
  4. Needs an optimal muscle growth, especially for bodybuilders
  5. Wants to increase body’s metabolic rate
  6. Reduces muscle loss due to aging
  7. Maintains bones and energy boost
  8. Improves strength and endurance

Not recommended for children, during pregnancy and vegetarian (who do not consume dairy products).


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Christina • Pulau Pinang

Protein Chocolate

Actually i not a protein lover but since i try this protein chocolate. I like the taste and love it very much. It is a meal replacement for ideal weight. Thanks Return legacy!


Mun • Selangor

Yummy Yummy

Smell like chocolate . The taste is nice too. Even nicer if mix with milk. Best protein ever for muscle builder or as daily drinks. Recommended chocolate flavour.


Catherine Ong Chiew Lian • Pulau Pinang

PROTEIN ProMix 是营养丰富的早餐

每天早上,我都要赶着去上班弄好自己和孩子的早餐。有时忙碌时,只吃了一片面包和一杯饮料。这样的吃法让我还没到中午时间就已经饥饿万分了!NUREOX PROTEIN ProMix 出现了!我选择了巧克力口味的PROTEIN ProMix当我的早餐。它让我可以提升能量,持续饱腹感一直到午餐时间,还可以减少卡路里的摄入。它还有助于身体吸收营养和肌肉的生长。 它真是我的营养又丰富的早餐!


Lee • Johor




Wyou • Kedah


Taste nice, and can be dinner replacement. Worthy in terms of pricing as well as the function ( meal replacement) Sometimes too early having my dinner, I just need to eat some nuts + promix, then I won't be easy get hundry.



14 Review(s)
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