From the Founder to Management Team ‚Äď we are the Legacy Team.
Proud residents of Legacy Home, powered by Return Legacy.

We are a team that hold on to our mission, to fully support all Legacians in Return Legacy, in pursuit of creating a lasting legacy for the community and society.
Dr Lee
Dr. Lee is a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia and Chartered Management Accountant in England. He holds a MBA, Doctorate in Business and Administration and is currently a PHD candidate. Dr. Lee believes that people are the core value in this industry where everyone has impartial and equal opportunity to learn, change and grow while participating in this field of dreams. It is his dream to propel the industry by rediscovering and aligning its roots of doing and sharing opportunities, in accordance with the company’s mission and vison. And with these beliefs, he founded SKG Group and Return Legacy.

Dr. Lee leads the overall management of Return Legacy by providing advise and guidance adhere to the company’s strategic vision and growth strategies. Dr. Lee believes what sets Return Legacy apart as an industry-leading brand is the priority of supporting Legacians in the field at the highest possible level in their business and success, which in turn leads to the success of Return Legacy.
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
BSc Finance & Banking, MBA
Sam holds a Diploma in Montessori Method Education, a Degree in Finance and Banking from San Francisco State University, and a MBA from Anglia Ruskin University UK. She is also a recipient of The BrandLaureate Prominent Brand Leadership Award in 2019.

Driven by a core fundamental belief of "life influencing life" with a keen eye for details, Sam is also equipped with corporate management expertise in operational excellence, cost management, and relationship governance. She is currently Deputy CEO of Return Legacy overseeing Malaysia headquarters and other offices in Singapore, and Thailand, CEO of Return Legacy Indonesia and the president of Legacy Care Association Malaysia (LCAM). Sam hopes to continue creating positive influence and inspire those around her, to share and edify the true value of direct selling ‚Äď to love, care, and share success and happily achieving.
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Certified HRDF Trainer
With experience spanning more than 20 years in the industry, Desmond is truly a veteran. His wealth and depth of knowledge is an invaluable asset to the Return Legacy group. Coupled with his expertise as a certified HRDF speaker, Desmond is currently spearheading business development and market analysis for Return Legacy in the region, as well as a key figure in business consultation matters. Desmond also works closely to support Return Legacy distributors in recruiting activities and interacts regularly with Legacians and support their growth.
Tony Saw
Chief Operation Officer
Tony’s involvement in the industry has spanned over a decade and a half now, making him another key figure in Return Legacy group. He oversees the development of the company’s latest strategy into the back-end system and is also responsible for monitoring Return Legacy’s e-Commerce operations, ensuring its operation remain seamless at all times. Tony is responsible for evaluating and enhancing new systems for a better overall user purchase experience and has assembled a team of technology professionals who keep Return Legacy e-Commerce operations and back-end system to ISO standards.
Albert Ling
Chief Training & Development Officer
Certified HRDF Trainer
Currently heading up training and development matters in Return Legacy, Albert oversees the RLEA system education and conducts regular training as well as motivational sessions for Legacians, including lessons on entrepreneur consultation. Albert is a master public speaker certified by HRDF Malaysia, creating entrepreneur courses and delivering inspirational talk sessions.

Joining forces with Return Legacy, Albert is the Founder of Enlliance Training Management Sdn Bhd. A man of many talents and in addition to his decade long experience in the industry, he is also Founder of Inspiration Counselling Association, ICA Malaysia. His business consultancy work spans across various SMEs and is a honorary judge in the 2019 Alibaba Create TM Startup Contest. He recently bagged The 15th China Top 100 Best Coach.
Alvin Hong
Principal of Return Legacy Entrepreneur Academy (RLEA)
Certified HRDF Trainer
As the principal of Return Legacy Entrepreneur Academy (RLEA) and a certified HRDF speaker , Alvin is tasked with ensuring all training and consultation matters under the RLEA system education is well taken care of. With experience spanning 20 years in the industry, Alvin is the RLEA system education expert holding up with the objective of RLEA, ensuring all Return Legacy distributors are able to master the system and replicate it, building a stable network of consumers . He upholds the direction of being ‚Äėpeople-orientated‚Äô and has a passion for helping distributors to achieve the goals they set.

Alvin has developed various training courses and topics such as Legacy Code, a 3 days 2 nights course for distributors to uncover and awaken individual’s hidden potential and abilities and also Train The Trainer (TTT), a certified program for distributors to master in public speaking with effective presentations, public speaking skills and techniques.
Jimmy Hwang
Chief Marketing Officer of Indonesia
Jimmy brings with him over 20 years of industry experience and heads up Return Legacy in Indonesia. He oversees all matters related to Indonesia’s company management, leads strategic planning, business development and growth and day-to-day management of the Indonesia market. Jimmy drives viable strategies and supports the distributors in Return Legacy Indonesia with an unrelenting goal to provide best assistance to the Indonesia market.
Paul Tan
Paul Tan
Chief Marketing Officer of Thailand
Certified HRDF Trainer
Paul has spent over a decade and a half in the industry and is currently the head of Return Legacy in Thailand. Fluent in Thai, he facilitates the development of Return Legacy business in Thailand. He oversees Thailand business operations in ensuring matters related to business development, market analysis, distributor relations, marketing trainings as well as business consultation are well taken of in one of the important growth markets for Return Legacy.
Dawn Lee
Dawn Lee
Chief Marketing Officer of Singapore
Certified HRDF Trainer
Currently leading Return Legacy’s Singapore office, Dawn is a certified HRDF speaker and has an array of experience in the beauty industry. She is a certified aesthetician from London and was a beauty trainer in Singapore. In under 5 years with Return Legacy, she is currently overseeing all matters related to the Singapore market. Dawn leads development and execution of business strategy supports, market analysis, daily management and operational of the Singapore market. She also supports the distributors in Singapore to deliver strategies, promotions, trainings and events to grow teams in Singapore.
Xenia Yong
BSc (Hons) Food Science with Nutrition,
MBA, Certified HRDF Trainer
An alumni of UCSI, Xenia graduated as a BSc (Hons) in Food Science with Nutrition and further completed her MBA. Part of the Legacy Science Team for over 5 years, she heads up various product development efforts as well as product research and training matters, collaborates with laboratory clinical studies and assists distributors in building their business by providing them the most up-to-date information. Xenia is also a certified HRDF speaker and an expert when it comes to assessing clients’ nutritional health and needs besides consulting clients’ on their nutrition issues and establishing healthy eating habits.
Professor Tsuchiya Masahiko
After spending years of research and development on the stability of negative hydrogen ions, Professor Tsuchiya Masahiko achieved a revolutionary technological breakthrough. The Director of Unilife Japan Co. Ltd. through close collaboration with Malaysia-based Legacy Science team, invented and developed Micro Mineralise Nutrient Technology (MMNT). Till this day, the collaboration continues in constant pursuit of developing and discovering new and better products for the benefit of all.
Professor Dr. Azizan Ahmad
Legacy Science Consultant
Ph.D (UKM), MSc. (UPM), BSc. (UKM) Chemistry
School of Chemical Sciences and Food Technology
Professor Dr. Azizan Ahmad is a seasoned veteran. Since graduating from UKM with 1st Class Honours in BSc in Chemistry 1996 and obtaining his Masters in Environmental Science from UPM in 1999, he has since published more than 70 papers in various international journals. Professor Dr. Azizan Ahmad offers his specialised knowledge in assisting in the development and growth of the products range of Return Legacy and its cutting-edge products.
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